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Friday, 22 June, 2018
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Message from the Editor

A warm welcome to Newsademic!

Our 21st century world is a small one. New media and technology give us the sort of access to information that our parents and grandparents could hardly imagine. Increasingly, we're expected to be well-informed and knowledgeable about the world in which we live. Yet there's so much information, from so many sources - trustworthy and otherwise - it's easy to be overwhelmed.

That's where the Newsademic newspaper comes in. We believe the successful citizens of the future will be those who have formed the habit of enquiry and investigation about the world around them. We research reliable sources to report international news in a readable, accessible format for subscribers in over 55 countries.

News stories in the adult media can be intimidating, assuming a level of background knowledge newcomers and young people don't yet have. Newsademic provides that background, exploring the news in a context that helps make sense of today's world.

Our growing team of writers includes people who have worked as teachers and as journalists for well-known national newspapers.

Our readers are young family members, schools, and schools teaching English as a second or foreign language. Increasingly, readers can also find the Newsademic newspaper in their public libraries' young readers sections.

Many schools opt for a Newsademic intranet license. Searchable HTML issues are automatically made available on the school's intranet, making today's most important stories easy to access and use in lessons. To view a list of school subscribers that have agreed to appear on our world location map click here.

All our readers can subscribe to activities that help consolidate understanding. Individual and Family Subscribers also have access to Newsademic's Online Extra features.

These include useful tools such a homework tracker and a book reading log to post book lists and reviews. Subscribers can also store photographs and video clips, and take advantage of the online Penpal feature to connect with other Newsademic readers in different parts of the world. The social networking element of the website is carefully monitored and filtered, and inappropriate content is blocked. Content can also be easily deleted.

We want our readers to engage with the news, and we have a prize puzzle based around the stories in each issue of the newspaper. The website also features daily news questions. Correct answers result in credits (Demics) that subscribers can use to improve the range of content on their own websites.

More information about our Online Extra features for individual and family subscribers can be found here.

We're always looking to improve and innovate. We are keen to hear your opinions and suggestions, and you can contact us here to let us know how we're doing.

Thanks for joining us!



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