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Monday, 27 February, 2017
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Refund Policy

By law those individuals who have purchased a subscription and are resident within the member countries that make up the European Union (EU) have the right to withdraw from the purchase of an item within seven working days from the day after the date that the item is delivered.

Newsademic extends this right to all subscribers whichever country they reside in.

Therefore subscribers who have informed us by an E-mail request that they wish to cancel their subscription within seven working days of them having received the first issue of their subscription are entitled to receive a full refund. This refund will include the VAT amount in those instances where VAT has been added to the subscription price.

Those subscribers who wish to terminate their subscription anytime after this seven working day period up until the end of their subscription are entitled to a refund amount calculated on a pro rata basis.

In the event that you wish to cancel you subscription and obtain a refund please forward your E-mail request to .


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