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Friday, 22 June, 2018
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Newsademic is an international newspaper and website for younger readers. The target age range is nine to sixteen. However, subscribers' feedback indicates there are many individuals, both above and below this age range, who are both avid readers of the newspaper and users of the website's Online Extra features that accompany it.

Newsademic is also very popular with students of all ages who are studying English as a foreign language.

Subscribers to Newsademic can be one of several different 'user types'. These include:

EFL School Subscribers
Individual Subscribers
Family Subscribers
School Subscribers
Public Libraries

Certain user types (Individual and Family subscribers) have access to the website's online features or tools (called 'Online Extra') as well as the newspaper itself.

Newsademic subscribers are mainly parents who take an active interest in their children's education, schools, and EFL schools. Currently schools in over 55 countries subscribe to the newspaper. Feedback from schools indicates the newspaper and accompanying activities are used as source material across the whole curriculum.

The newspaper is forwarded to subscribers every other Friday, so there are 26 issues in a 12-month period.

An optional set of Classroom Activities, together with an Answer Key, accompanies each issue of the newspaper.

Each issue of the newspaper is available to subscribers both as a PDF file format and as an HTML online screen view. While the PDF file of the newspaper can be read onscreen, most people print it out and read it as a paper copy. The PDF version can be downloaded, or received as an attachment to an email message. The HTML version of the newspaper is available after logging onto the Newsademic website.

School subscribers are able to arrange subscriptions whereby both PDF and HTML versions of the newspaper are available to students via the school intranet. School subscribers are permitted to make as many photocopies of the newspaper as they wish for use within their own school premises.

Newspaper editions
There are two separate editions of the Newsademic newspaper. One is written in American English and the other in British English. Subscribers select their preferred edition. Each edition features the same news articles and book reviews. The main differences are in the writing style, punctuation, and spelling.

Newspaper content
The focus of the Newsademic newspaper is on the main international current events that have occurred over the most recent two-week period. All articles are written and edited in an easy-to-understand format.

As well as current affairs the newspaper includes articles on science, archaeology, nature, history, geography, religion, literature, economics, and environmental issues recently featured in the mainstream news.

The Newsademic newspaper does not carry advertising. Neither does it feature articles about television, sport, computer games, pop music, or celebrity culture.

A world map is included in each issue. This highlights the countries featured in the news stories in each issue of the newspaper.

Articles featured in the newspaper reflect no political or religious bias. Stories are reported factually and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which opinions differ.

Classroom Activities and Answer Keys
Each issue of the newspaper is accompanied by a set of (optional) Classroom Activities. These are produced in two separate levels, both of which contain exercises based on stories featured in the newspaper.

Answer Keys (also optional) provide the solutions to both sets of Classroom Activities. Answer Keys are made available, to those subscribers who opted to receive them, on the Tuesday following the Friday on which the newspaper and accompanying Classroom Activities were sent out.


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  • Hung parliament
  • Humboldt's flying squirrel
  • Raqqa battle starts
  • Malta's election
  • Bilderberg Group meeting
  • Catacombs cleaned
  • Touching the Sun
  • Kenya's new railroad
  • World's biggest aircraft
  • Paris accord withdrawal
  • Ancient Egyptian DNA
  • 300th anniversary exhibition
  • Spoonies
  • Fish-skin bandage
  • Little Mermaid protest
  • Turtle crossing project
  • Reengineered antibiotic
  • Arab diplomatic disagreement
  • Cyprus mutiny